Who We Are — Columbia Institute


The Columbia Institute has been serving valuation professionals for more than 25 years and provides various paths for skill development and technical training.  We provide flexibility with classroom and online offerings intended to deliver sufficient availability and convenience nationwide. We provide proprietary industry insights, modernization and productivity training to help valuation professionals thrive in today’s environment. More than anything, we provide quality and useful education needed to elevate valuation professionals to new heights.

Columbia Institute was acquired by CoreLogic in September 2016. By this means, CoreLogic plans to leverage The Columbia Institute for developing the current and next generation of appraisers to create a best in class panel of real estate professionals. The Columbia Institute is building new curriculum and education that transcends high-level theory and methodology and focuses on critical thinking, applying proper analysis, mitigating risk, building consistency amongst appraisers and modernizing the appraisal process. We believe this transformation is an opportunity unique to CoreLogic because of our proprietary industry insights, products and services.

Our unwavering commitment to appraiser professional development continues as we pursue a true, proud profession. We are most pleased with our progress to date, and appreciate your help to that end. Thank you for considering The Columbia Institute.

Our Vision

Deliver world-class education and training anytime, anywhere to power and advance the valuation industry.

Our Mission

Empower our clients to make faster, smarter decisions by simplifying, modernizing and accelerating relevant training for current and future generations of valuation professionals.