Appraisal of Small Residential Income Properties, No. 160

We are an approved secondary provider for Hondros Learning and this course is approved by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB)*, thereby qualifying it for appraiser CE credit even though the course may not be not listed on the state’s website.

The "ACCEPTS" approval status means that this state can accept CE hours for a non-state-approved course, as long as the course is approved by another state board; like reciprocity. 





Alabama Accepts
Alaska Accepts
Arizona   Accepts, Rule R4-46-507 1/10/2024
California   Approved, #18CP004403051 9/17/2022
Colorado   Approved 8/31/2021
Florida   Approved, #0009936 10/22/2022
Georgia   Approved, #69803
Hawaii Accepts
Idaho Accepts
Indiana   Approved, CE21100051
Iowa   Accepts AQB Approval* 1/10/2024
Kansas Accepts
Kentucky Accepts
Louisiana   Approved, #A0166 12/31/2021
Maine  Accepts AQB Approval* 1/10/2024
Maryland   Approved 6/30/2022
Michigan   Approved, #2104 10/5/2021
Minnesota   Approved, #1026028 10/31/2022
Mississippi   Approved, MAB #50096 9/26/2021
Missouri Accepts
Montana Accepts
Nevada   Approved, CE.0009175-A 9/30/2021
New Hampshire  *Approved for 7 hrs 1/10/2024
New Jersey   Approved, 2018-74 1/10/2024
New Mexico   Approved, #1884 11/30/2021
New York Accepts with documentation
North Carolina   Approved, #4262 12/30/2021
Ohio   Approved, B24900109A 19 12/31/2021
Oregon   Approved, #TCIN-C-0818-1867 8/31/2021
Pennsylvania   Approved 9/10/2021
Tennessee   Approved, #2229 (Appraisal); Real Estate #1120 10/31/2022; 12/31/2022
Texas   Approved, TALCB#2 - ACE #35305 8/20/2021
Utah   Approved, AC201018 10/31/2022
Virginia   Approved 10/31/2022
Washington   Approved, #AP4039 8/23/2021
Wisconsin   Approved, #REA 4249
Wyoming Accepts