Exam Requirements


Continuing Education Courses:

  • A final exam is not required for Appraiser Continuing Education (ACE) credit.

Qualifying Education Courses:

  • You must attain a minimum score of 80%. All final exams are proctored. If you do not make a passing score on the first exam you may schedule a make-up exam no sooner than the time required to mail to the proctor. Should you not pass the make-up exam, you must re-register and repeat the course before taking the final exam again. A discounted re-enrollment fee will be charged.

Scheduling Final Exam:

You must locate a suitable proctor, then e-mail The Columbia Institute at registrar.VSG@corelogic.com to schedule your exam.

Schedule Your Exam:

For your benefit, because of possible mail-delivery delays, you should provide your proctor information to The Columbia Institute as soon as possible and schedule your exam no later than 10 days before you actually need your completion certificate. Your certificate will be e-mailed to you, but exams are sent by mail. You may not receive a completion certificate until your course is completed and you have passed your exam.

Proctor Requirements:

All qualifying courses require a proctored final exam. The proctor shall not be related to the student by blood or marriage and may not be engaged in any association (personal or business) with the student. The proctor may be selected from the following:

  • A university or college testing center
  • Public library (Librarian)
  • School professionals (superintendent, principal, guidance counselor, professors or instructors, librarian, etc.
  • Attorney
  • A notary public
  • Active clergy
  • Individuals approved to teach similar courses in a classroom environment

(Arkansas Students Please Note: – Proctors must be pre-approved by the Arkansas Appraisal Board. Please call for a list of Board-approved proctors.)

Note: Fees charged by the proctor, if any, are the responsibility of the student. Columbia will email the examination materials and instructions to the proctor, along with instructions to return examination information. The proctor materials can not be faxed or e-mailed, but the proctor may, under some circumstances, fax the completed answer sheet to Columbia. It is often possible for Columbia to fax transcripts to the student.