Virtual Classes

What software do I need to attend a virtual class? Are mobile devices supported?

  • No software is required; however, it would be beneficial to download the ZOOM app by going to (on your desktop), scrolling to the bottom under “Downloads” and click on “Meetings Client” or;
  • (On mobile/smart device) downloading the Zoom app in your App Store for IOS or Google Play Store for Android.  

Why do I need to present my ID for a virtual class?

  • We need to ensure the person registered for the course is the one actually taking the course.

How do I upload my ID?

  • To upload your photo ID log onto Click the “achievements” tab, then click the “student identification” tab. Click the “add a new student identification record” button. Once in, only enter the Course/License Name and Date Achieved (which is the date you’re uploading your information) and choose your ID image from your files, then click “submit.” Should you have any issues uploading your photo ID, just email your ID to and we’ll upload it for you!

Do I need a webcam to attend virtual classes?

  • Yes – a webcam is required. If you have a laptop, most do come equipped with built-in webcams. If you have a desktop with a smart phone/device, some students log into the class on their desktop, then use their smart device for camera access.

When & how do I receive my course materials?

  • The day before your course starts, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your course that will include the course materials as an attachment.

Are there exams when taking a virtual course?

  • No – exams are not required for a virtual course.

What web browsers are supported for virtual courses?

  • The recommended browsers are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari for Mac.

How can I test to see if my computer is working before taking a zoom class?

  • If you want to test your webcam and audio, please go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under “support” click “Test Zoom”. This will place you in a simulated meeting and will test your audio and video. 

Are virtual classes recorded for me to view at a later time?

  • Virtual classes are our “live” classes and are not recorded for viewing later.

How do I get credit for attendance in a virtual class?

  • To obtain CE credit for attendance, you must be in attendance from start to finish, webcam must be on at all times with the exception of breaks and lunches and you must submit your photo identification. 

I’ve never taken a virtual class before – what all do I need to get started?

  • All you will need is a computer with good internet connection, a webcam and an open mind.

Can I start and stop my course at any time?

  • Because this is an instructor-led course, you are required to log in at the posted start time and stay on for the duration of the class.