Appraisal of Small Residential Income Properties, No. 160 - NH - 8 hrs

8 CE Hours

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Appraising 2-4 Family & Multi-Family Properties will increase the level of knowledge of the scope of work involved with income-producing properties. This text identifies key elements of market analysis of two- to four-family and multi-family properties and distinguishes which features and characteristics are important to an appraiser’s analysis. Analysis of income and expenses is covered and how this analysis is used in an appraisal of an income-producing property. Appropriate income methodologies and how the appraisal approaches apply to income-producing properties are also discussed. Finally, this text familiarizes students with the Fannie Mae Reporting Form 1025/Freddie Mac Reporting Form 72 and walks them through how to prepare the form, compile required data, and complete the necessary analysis.