Mastering Residential Appraisal Review, No. 802 - WA - 4 hrs

4 CE Hours

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This 4-hour course is for residential real property appraisers and is intended to help meet the growing demand for real estate appraisal reviews. This course focuses on residential appraisal review assignments and industry expectations for reviewers of residential reports. This course begins with a lesson on the importance of properly identifying the appraisal problem to be solved and establishing an acceptable scope of work, aimed at helping appraisers understand their obligation and duty when producing appraisal review reports.

Course learning will center around an understanding of what constitutes an appraisal review, the USPAP Standards regarding appraisal review, common deficiencies and the communication of findings. Lastly, the appraiser will demonstrate mastery of the subject matter by performing a review in a case study format.    

The goal of this course is to help residential appraisers produce compliant and quality appraisal reviews and appraisal review reports.