ANSI Z765-2021 - Practical Applications for Appraisers, No. 804 - KS - 3 hrs

3 CE Hours

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This 3-hour course is for residential real property appraisers and is intended to improve their understanding of the basics of the Z765-2021 ANSI Measurement Standards.  

This course was created to provide a broad overview of basic techniques and procedures for measuring single-family residential dwellings. The measurement and area computation methods are based upon the American National Standards Institute Square Footage-Method for Calculating ANSI Z765-2021.

This course begins with a discussion of why measurement standards are necessary and discusses some of the issues related to measurement errors from current processes. The first module will also provide an overview of the history of ANSI. Module Two will review the ANSI document in detail. Emphasis will be placed on each of the specific sections within the document. Module Three will demonstrate practical applications using examples of ANSI requirements. Module Four will review Fannie Mae’s requirement to use ANSI Z765-2021 effective April 1, 2022.

The real estate market is dynamic and in constant fluctuation. In this course students will gain a better perspective on measuring residential square footage based on the ANSI 2021 update.