Calculating & Supporting Adjustments, No. 819 - ID - 4 Hrs

4 CE Hours

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This 4-hour course is for residential real property appraisers and is intended to improve the quality and consistency of the analyses performed by appraisers in the sales comparison approach. This course begins with a lesson on the importance of market-based adjustments, aimed at helping appraisers understand their obligation and duty to make real-time, market-based adjustments when producing an appraisal. During this course various methods and techniques for calculating market-based adjustment will be demonstrated using the market data available. The student is asked to work through the calculations alongside the instructor to ensure complete understanding of the mathematics and data involved in each technique. Once confident in the conclusions, the student will properly apply the adjustment in the sales comparison grid and work to reconcile, fully explain and support the adjustment applied. The goal of this course is to help appraisers produce credible assignment results and build consistency between appraisers through the use and application of various recognized methods and techniques for calculating market-based adjustments.