Investigate Your Appraisal: Report and Support, No. 822 - NM - 4 Hrs

4 CE Hours

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Every appraiser hopes they will never get the dreaded letter or phone call from their state investigator, advising them that a complaint was submitted to the state and an investigation is being opened into their work product. Nevertheless, state appraiser regulators regularly receive complaints from parties of all kinds: lenders, AMCs, real estate agents, borrowers, owners, and the list goes on. Some complaints have no merit and may fall by the wayside. But most have some merit and will be investigated. How do parties – especially AMCs and lenders – identify these issues that prompt sending complaints to the state? Investigate Your Appraisal looks at what happens to a report after the appraiser delivers it to the client: reviews and screening may reveal errors, confusing items, or other real or perceived inadequacies that trigger additional scrutiny. At that point, the appraiser may be dealing with revision requests, reconsiderations of value, or even the dreaded state investigation weeks, months, or years after the initial delivery of the report to the client. Beyond the various types of scrutiny appraisal reports face after delivery, the course examines how to proactively prevent errors and revision requests, and how to ensure requirements are met in each report – especially in case a state regulator takes a look. Participants in the course will examine not only USPAP reporting requirements, but best practices and common errors related to both the development and reporting process – and ensuring there is a logical link between the two.