Fundamentals of Appraising New Homes, No. 824 - CA - 5 Hrs

5 CE Hours

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This 5-hr course is dedicated to appraising proposed, under construction and brand-new residential properties. First and foremost, this course will teach you the reasons why appraising new construction is fundamentally different from appraising an existing home. Covered in this course is data collection expectations which entails expanding search parameters and verification measures far beyond the local MLS and assessor’s records. This course will provide clarification on how the various sources of information directly impact the market trend analysis, comparable selection process, market grid adjustments and contract analysis pieces of the appraisal process. In addition, this course will tell you what to pay attention to and how to fully develop and report these known distinctions in a credible and non-misleading manner. To assist in application accuracy and efficiency, this course provides a complete, authoritative guide for applying common appraisal methodology and techniques in less familiar ways to solve various new construction appraisal problems. If you do happen to treat all residential appraisal assignments the same, then this course is for you!