Identifying Adverse Environmental Conditions, No. 826 - HI - 5 Hrs *formally Dirty Digs: Brownfields and Superfund Sites

The Columbia Institute

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This 5-hour course for residential real property appraisers aims to amplify awareness of environmental risks and elevate investigation and analytical proficiency to credibly assess environmental factors which drive value. Students will be introduced to a variety of hazards and disasters, natural and manmade events, the consequential costs in terms of physical, monetary, or human casualties, and the relationship between these events and a real estate environment. Exploration of superfunds and brownfields, some of the nation’s most contaminated real estate, will lead to discoveries of their significance to economic, government, and social influences. With 1 of 6 Americans living within 3 miles of a superfund and the existence of over 450,000 brownfields in the US, students will learn to appreciate the enormous presence of environmental adversities and their repercussions in virtually any market. Through case studies, students will be equipped to recognize a variety of environmental conditions and then apply critical thinking within an analysis to ascertain how those elements might affect a market’s topography, economy, demographics, supply, and demand. Research skills will be enhanced by application of investigational concepts and the engagement of key, relevant resources which focus on environmental information. The goal of this course is to stimulate an appraiser’s confidence and competency with conditions of a market’s environment and the quintessential role they play in the value of real estate.